Principles and evidence for MBW


The slideshows below aim to give users background knowledge on the principles of Multiple Breath Washout and the current evidence for the use of Multiple Breath Washout testing in Bronchiectasis.

How does MBW work?

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How does Multiple Breath Washout work?

Click the view video button to view a short video detailing how multiple breath washout testing works.


Then watch the slideshows and explore the glossary for more info.



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Principles of Multiple Breath Washout

Click the view slideshow 1 button to view a short slideshow summarising the principles of multiple breath washout (MBW). The slideshow includes an overview on the background to MBW, MBW technologies, assessment of MBW data and the calculation of lung clearance index from MBW data.

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Evidence for the use of Multiple Breath Washout testing in Bronchiectasis

Click the view slideshow 2 button to view a short slideshow summarising the evidence for multiple breath washout testing in bronchiectasis. The slideshow includes a background to MBW in bronchiectasis and an overview of the data supporting its use in this disease population.

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Click the view glossary button. The glossary lists and defines terms linked to MBW testing.

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