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Exhalyzer® D System

Innocor® (open circuit) System

The Exhalyzer® D System

Standard Operating Procedure can be viewed here.

Permission granted.


Patient Preparation Checklist can be viewed here.


This training consists of 3 sections:

A. How to setup Exhalyzer® D equipment for MBW

B. Patient preparation and testing

C. Interpretation of assessment findings


Each section includes full training videos and evaluation.

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The Innocor® (open circuit) System

Standard Operating Procedure can be viewed here.

Permission granted.


Key references:




Please contact the teaching team for further information about Innocor® (open circuit) system training.

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Please note each of the knowledge sections contain multimedia:

Each section contains

video - please ensure

a fast broadband

internet connection.

If learning in a shared space please be considerate to others - use headphones.

Narration in use - please listen carefully when the narrator speaks and take notes if required.

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